Words To Describe Sounds (With Meaning)


Words To Describe Pleasing Sound

  1. Melodic– Pleasant sound. Example: His voice was deep and melodic
  2. Sonorous– Imposingly deep and full. Example: He sung aloud with a sonorous and musical voice.
  3. Rich: Very strong but pleasing sound. Example: He read aloud with a deep and rich voice.
  4. Musical– Very melodious and tuneful sound. Example: They burst out into rich, musical laughter.
  5. Mellow: Pleasantly smooth or soft. Example Carlos was hypnotized by the mellow tone of his voice.
  6. Listenable-Easy or pleasant to listen to. Example: All the tracks proved eminently listenable.
  7. Lilting: Sound that rises and falls in pitch in a pleasant way. Example: He spoke with a faint but recognizable Irish Lilt.
  8. Dulcet: Sweet and soothing. Example: She recorded the dulcet tones of the singing birds.  
  9. Pure: Clear and beautiful sound. Example: Alex spoke aloud with a pure voice.
  10. Classic: Soft and soothing sound. Example: The choir team was classic in their tone.
  11. Soft: Quiet and peaceful. Example: On his deathbed, Dad emphatically spoke in a soft voice.
  12. Sweet: Very Pleasant tone. Example: She confidently spoke to her boyfriend with a sweet voice.

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Words To Describe Noisy Sound

  1. Uproarious– Provoking loud noise. Example: An uproarious party.
  2. Tumultuous-Loud, confused noise. Example: The applause was tumultuous.
  3. At full blast– With maximum power or intensity. Example: The music is on full blast
  4. Almighty– Unlimited in power or intensity. Example: The music from her car is usually of almighty sound.
  5. Brassy-Harsh and loud. Example: Audience members are tapping their feet to the brassy music of the band.
  6. Deafening– So loud as to make it impossible to hear anything else. Example: The music reached a deafening crescendo.
  7. Earsplitting– So loud or high that it hurts your ears. Example: Ear-splitting cheers erupted from the fans during the final seconds of the game.
  8. Thunderous– Extremely loud. Example: Soon after she ran into a bathroom, she heard a thunderous banging noise outside.
  9. Thundering– Resounding, loud, deep noise. Example: Thundering waterfalls.
  10. Shrill– High-pitched and piercing. Example: A piercing whistle shrilled through the night air. 
  11. Sharp– Clear and loud sound. Example: The goat produced a sharp bleat
  12. Rowdy-Rough, disorderly and noisy sound. Example: It was a rowdy music.
  13. Explosive– Violently loud. Example: The music at the concert was explosive.
  14. Howling– Wailing sound. Example: My dog loves to howl. 
  15. Insistent– Loud and keeps going on for a long time. Example: The tune was played with an insistent voice.
  16. Loud: With great deal of volume: Example: They were kept awake by loud music.
  17. Percussive– Sharp and clear. Example: The bell sound was quite percussive.
  18. Roaring– Great in intensity. Example: A loud roaring applause was heard from the room.
  19. Riotous– Loud and disorderly sound. Example: The music at the concert was indeed riotous.
  20. Resounding– Great in intensity. Example: She spoke in a resounding voice.
  21. Raucous-Harsh and loud noise. Example: The raucous youth stormed our meeting. 
  22. Pulsating– Exciting or interesting. Example: There was a pulsating music at the end of the match.
  23. Piercing: Very sharp and clear. Example: A piercing whistle.

Other Words Describing Sounds

  • Staccato- a sound where each word or sound is clearly separate.
  • Audible- a sound that is loud enough to hear.
  • Muffled- a sound that is not easy to hear because it is blocked by something.
  • Broken- a sound that has spaces in it.
  • Plaintive-a sound that has a sad quality.
  • Hushed- a sound that is quiet
  • Inaudible- a sound that is difficult to hear.
  • Monotonous- a sound that is always the same and never gets louder or quieter or higher or lower.
  • Rhythmic- a sound that has a clear, regular pattern.
  • Emit- to make a sound.

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General Words To Describe Sounds

1SwooshThe sound produced by a sudden rush of air or liquid.
2TapSoft knocking sound.
3TattooA rhythmic tapping or drumming.
4TearingViolent or extreme
5ThrobSound with a strong, regular rhythm.
6ThudHeavy sound, such as that made by an object failing to the ground.
7Thundering  Extremely loud, deep sound.
8TickA regular short, sharp sound, especially that made by a clock or watch.
9Tick-tockThe sound of a large clock tickling.
10TinkleA light, clear ringing sound.
11TootA short, sharp sound made by a horn, trumpet.
12TrillA quavering or vibratory sound.
13TwangStrong ringing sound.
14WheezeHigh-pitched whistling sound made while breathing.
15WhineA long, high-pitched sound, especially one which sounds sad or unpleasant.
16WhirLow, continuous, regular sound made by a rapidly rotating object.  
17WhisperSoft or confidential tone of voice.
18YapSharp, shrill sound.
19YelpA short, sharp cry, especially of pain or alarm.
20ZapA sudden loud sound.
21BangA sudden loud, sharp noise.
22BarkAbruptly or aggressively loud, sharp sound.
23BeepShort, high-pitched sound emitted by electronic equipment or a vehicle.
24BleatLoud and strong sound produced by a goat.
25BongLow-pitched, resonant sound of the kind made by a large bell.
26BoomA loud, deep, resonant sound.
27BrayThe loud, harsh sound produced by a donkey.
30BuzzA low, continuous murmuring sound similar to that made by insects.
31CackleLaugh in a loud, harsh way.  
32CheepA faint, shrill sound like that of a young bird.
33ChimeA melodious ringing sound, as produced by striking a bell.
35ChirpShort, sharp, high-pitched sound.
36clackA sharp sound or series of sounds.
37ClangA loud, resonant metallic sound or series of sounds.
38ClankA loud, sharp sound or series of sounds, as made by piece of metal being struck together.
39ClatterA continuous rattling sound as of hard objects falling or striking each other. 
40ClinkA sharp ringing sound, such as that made by striking metal or grass.
41HumA low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee.
42JingleA light ringing sound such as that made by metal objects being shaken together.
43JangleA ringing metallic sound, typically a discordant one.
44KnockA sudden short sound caused by a blow, especially on a door to attract attention or gain entry.
45PoundingRhythmical beating or throbbing.
46PopA light explosive sound.
47PeepA feeble shrill sound as that of a newly hatched bird.
48Put-putThe rapid intermittent sound of a small petrol engine.
49PurrA low continuous vibratory sound expressing contentment. 
50MurmurA low continuous background noise
51PatterA repeated light tapping sound.
52NeighA characteristic high whinnying sound made a horse.
53PealA loud ringing of a bell or bells.
54MoanA long, low sound made by a person expressing physical, mental or sexual pleasure.
55MewA characteristic high-pitched crying noise.
56PulsingThrob rhythmically.
57RipplingA slight rise and fall of sound.
58SputterA series of soft explosive or splitting sounds.
59SquishA soft squelching sound.
60SizzleA hissing sound when frying or cooking.
61GnashingIs a sound due to clenching of the teeth other than in chewing and is associated with forceful lateral or protrusive jaw movement.
62DingdongA continuous sound with the simple alternate chimes of a bell. 
63GroanInarticulate sound conveying pain, despair, pleasure etc.
64GrowlA low guttural sound in the throat.
65GrumbleA low rumbling sound.
66GruntA low, short guttural sound made by an animal or a person.
67HissA sharp sibilant sound of the letter s.
68HootLow, wavering musical sound which is the typical call of many kinds of owl.
69DripThe sound or action of liquid falling in drops.
70SnortSound produce when air is forced violently into the nose with a rough harsh sound.
71ScrunchA loud crunching sound.
72BlareA loud, harsh sound.
73BlastA very loud noise or sound.
74BellowA deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger.
75BlatBleating sound.
76SlamThe sound or noise made by the forceful impact of two objects.
77RustleA soft, muffled crackling sound like that caused by movement of dry leaves or paper.
78MooThe characteristic deep resonant vocal sound of cattle.
79SquawkA loud, harsh or discordant noise made by a bird or a person.
80SquealA long, high-pitched cry or noise.
81fizzSound produced by bubbles of gas.
82YowlA loud wailing cry, especially one of pain or distress.
83ThrumA continuous rhythmic humming sound. 
84ScreechA loud, harsh, piercing cry.
85DroneA continuous low humming sound.
86DrummingA continuous rhythmic noise.
87Rat-a-ratA rapid succession of knocking, tapping or cracking sound.
88ChatterA series of short, quick high-pitched sounds.
89BelchNoisy sound from the stomach emitted through the mouth. 
90EekSound produced when one is suddenly scared or surprised.
91GurgleA hollow bubbling sound like that made by water running out of a bottle.
92WaftSound produced due to movement of an object in the air.
93WhiffWhistling sound.
94CuckooSound produced by a cuckoo bird.
95WarbleA soft sound with a succession of constantly changing notes.
96ChortleA noisy, gleeful laugh.
97RetchThe sound and movement of vomiting.
98HonkNoise made by a goose or a car horn.
99SplashSound made by something striking or falling into liquid.
100Cock-a-doodle-dooSound made by a cock when it crows.