What is the Difference Between Fuchsia And Magenta?

HueFuchsia has more blue and purple undertones.Magenta leans more towards pink and purple.
RGB Values(255, 0, 255)(255, 0, 255)
CMYK Values(0, 100, 0, 0)(0, 100, 0, 0)
Hex Code#FF00FF#FF00FF
Named AfterNamed after the fuchsia flower.Named after aniline dye magenta.
PopularityWidely used in fashion and design.Popular in printing, branding, and art.
OriginNamed after a flower.Named after a synthetic dye.
Tones and ShadesFuchsia has both dark and light variants.Magenta has various shades and tones.
Cultural SignificanceNot associated with specific cultures.Commonly used in art and design.
Common UseFashion, textiles, and graphic design.Printing, branding, and art applications.
VariabilityFuchsia can vary in color perception depending on lighting.Magenta is more consistent in its appearance.
Influence on DesignFuchsia is popular in modern design for its bold and vibrant appearance.Magenta is frequently used for its visibility and impact.
VariationsThere are shades like electric fuchsia, hot pink, and more.Magenta variations include rose, process magenta, and more.