Words That Describe Smell With Meaning

1AromaticHaving a pleasant and distinctive smell.  
2AntisepticA clean or pure smell.  
3AnosmicHaving impaired sense of smell.  
4AppealingPleasing and interesting.  
5BalmyA smell having qualities of balm; fragrant or soothing.
6FreshNatural smelling, rather than artificial.
7DampGenerally undesirable or unpleasant smell.  
8DankHaving unpleasant smell.  
9DecayedHaving a rotten smell.  
10DustyStaid and uninteresting.  
11flowerySmelling of flowers.  
12FreshPleasant; crisp; refreshing smell.  
13GrassyHaving a flavor or odor of grass.  
14LeatherySmell having characteristics of leather.  
15MuskyHaving a smell like that of musk.
16MustyHaving a stale, mouldy or damp smell.
17PungentA sharply strong or caustic smell
18PutridDecaying or rotting; very unpleasant; repulsive.
19RainyA pleasant earthly scent; petrichor.
20RancidSmelling highly unpleasant; repugnant.  
21RosySmell having resembling the smell of roses; sweet fragrance
22RottenRepugnant; repulsive smell.
23NastyUnpleasant; undesirable smell.
24HeavySweet and strong smell.
25SmokySmelling smoke.
26StrongHeavy scented smell.
27WoodsySmell of wood.
28PungentHaving a strong odor.
29PineyHaving flavor or aroma of pines.
30FragrantHaving a pleasant or sweet smell.
31SourRancid, sickly smell.
32MintyHaving the flavor or aroma of mint.
33FishyHaving the smell of fish.
34SweetPleasant; having a natural fragrance.
35ReekSmell strongly and unpleasantly.
36YeastyHaving an aroma or flavor of yeast.
37PosySweet smell.
38GaseousPungent and irritating smell.
39MedicinalSmell like medicine
40WoodySmell similar or relating to wood.
41Scented  Having a pleasant smell.
42SavoryHaving an appetizing smell.
43GamyHaving the strong flavor or smell of meat.
44SpicyA strong and heavy smell.
45MildewedHaving musty smell.
46MoldyHaving a rotten smell or smell like fungus or mold.
47RancidHighly unpleasant, repugnant.
48AiryNatural clean smell.
49CleanVery light scent, clean and natural.
50CrispFresh and natural.
51LilacRich floral scent combining rose with vanilla.
52CitrusySmelling the scent of citrus fruit.
53TartSmell having a sharp and unkind quality.
54LemonySmells like lemon.
55BillowyScent that surges and wanes.
56HeadyStrongly aromatic, pungent, rich, intoxicating.
57OverpoweringStrong smell; very disagreeable smell.
58RedolentFragrant or sweet-smelling.
59RichStrong and very pleasant.
60WispySmelling like hair.
61PerfumedSmell of artificial fragrance.
62AcidicStrong, repugnant smell.
63fetidSmelling extremely unpleasant.
64NauseatingDisgusting, repugnant; repulsive smell.
65RepulsiveExtremely unpleasant.
66StinkyHaving a strong or unpleasant smell.
67SweatySmell of sweat.
68StaleMusty, unpleasant, dump smell.
69FaintSmell with very little strength or intensity.
70AcridSharp and harsh or unpleasantly pungent odor.
71FloralThe scent of flowers.
72EvocativeA smell that makes you think of something.
73HarshStrong, repulsive smell.
74AmbrosialSweet-smelling, fragrant.
75PiquantHaving a pleasantly sharp flavor.
76WhiffFaint smell.
77OdorousHaving or giving off an odor.
78OdorlessHaving no odor.
79TangyA pleasant smell that is sweet.
80FunkyStrongly musty smell.
81MalodorousSmelling very unpleasant.
82NoisomeHaving extremely offensive smell.
83TangyHaving a strong, piquant flavor or smell.
84GarlickySmelling strongly of garlic.
85CopperySmelling of copper.
86PeachyHaving the smell of peach fruits.

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