Vegetables That Start With Q


The letter “Q,” is usually accompanied by a sense of mystery, presents a challenge for students, especially when it comes to finding words, with letter Q, because Q is not extensive as some other letters. The vegetables that start with the letter “Q” can be a bit challenging to easily remember, as there are not many commonly known vegetables that fit this criteria.

Let us briefly describe the vegetables in these category for your benefit.


  • Quandong is a fruit native to Australia that is many times used in culinary applications as if it were a vegetable. It has a tart flavor and is used to make jams, sauces and desserts.


  • Quinoa is a nutrient-rich seed that is commonly cooked and consumed like a grain. It has high protein content and some people used in dishes as a healthy alternative to rice or pasta.


  • Quince is a fruit that is related to apples and pears. While it’s often used in cooking to make jams and preserves, it can also be used in savory dishes as a vegetable component.

Queen Anne’s Lace

  • Also known as wild carrot, this plant’s young roots are edible and can be used as a root vegetable. However, caution is advised, as it closely resembles the toxic poison hemlock plant.

Quetzal Flower

  • The Quetzal Flower, also known as Nahuatl, is a colorful edible flower that is used in salads and garnishes.

Quokka Spinach

  • Quokka spinach, also known as New Zealand spinach, is a leafy green vegetable with a slightly salty taste. It can be used in salads and cooked dishes.

Quisqualis indica

  • Also known as Rangoon creeper, its young leaves and flowers are edible and can be used in salads or as a garnish.

Quokka Bean

  • The Quokka bean, also called Wonga-wonga vine, produces edible pods that can be cooked and consumed as a vegetable.

Quince Melon

  • Quince melon is a small, round fruit that is part of the gourd family. It can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable when it’s still young.


  • Quimbombó, also known as okra or lady’s finger, is a popular vegetable in many cuisines. It’s often used in soups, stews, and as a thickening agent due to its mucilaginous properties.

Quinoa Greens

  • The young shoots and leaves of the quinoa plant are edible and can be used as leafy greens in salads or cooked dishes.

Quail Grass

  • Quail grass is a type of leafy green vegetable found in some Asian cuisines. It’s known for its tender leaves and mild flavor.

Qing Geng Cai

  • Qing Geng Cai, also known as green cole, is a Chinese green vegetable that’s commonly used in stir-fries and other dishes.

Quinoa Leaves

  • Similar to quinoa greens, the leaves of the quinoa plant can be harvested and used in salads or cooked as a vegetable.

Quinoa Sprouts

  • The sprouted seeds of quinoa can be consumed as a vegetable, adding a crunchy texture and nutty flavor to dishes.