Scientific Difference Between Growers And Showers


Just like height, weight, hair color, and facial features, penises come in all shapes and sizes. Many people experience anxiety about whether their penis is big enough and if it will satisfy their sexual partner. This can affect a person’s self-confidence and self-image. Often, however, these fears are unfounded. Research suggests that small penises are relatively rare.

Erect male penises fall within a range of from 1 inch to perhaps 10 inches in extreme cases but in general the average male penis is about 6 inches long when erect, give or take an inch maybe. But that doesn’t mean that all penises are the same size when flaccid. Some men have very small penises when they’re soft while others are almost their erect length even without arousal.

If a guy has a small penis, but it gets big when he’s aroused, he’s said to be a ‘grower’ whereas if a guy’s penis is almost its full size when soft but it doesn’t get much bigger when hard, it just gets stiff, then he’s a ‘shower’. Generally growers have an average penis length change of 5.3 cm, while showers had an average penis length change of 3.1 cm.

If person has a penis that does not significantly change size between a flaccid and erect state, they may be a shower. On the other hand, if an individual’s penis size changes drastically between a flaccid and erect state, they may be a grower.

People can measure their penis when flaccid, from the base to the tip. They can then take the same measurement when their penis is erect. And therefore, if the difference between the two measurements is greater than 4 cm, people meet the definition of a grower. However, if the difference is less than 4 cm, he meet the definition of a shower. Some research suggests being a shower or a grower relates to age. Therefore a person’s category may change over time.

Generally, shorter flaccid penile lengths enlarge by a greater percentage than longer flaccid penile lengths. If a person has concerns that their penis appearance is affecting their self-esteem, confidence, or sex life, people may find it helpful to talk with their sexual partner or healthcare professional for advice.

Key Difference: Growers And Showers

Flaccid Appearance

  • Growers have a flaccid penis that appears relatively small or average in size when not erect.
  • Showers have a flaccid penis that appears larger or above average in size even when not erect.

Erect Size Increase

  • Growers experience a significant increase in size when their penis becomes erect. The difference between flaccid and erect states is more pronounced.
  • Showers experience a relatively smaller increase in size when their penis becomes erect. The difference between flaccid and erect states is less pronounced.

Perceived Change

  • Growers might be more likely to surprise sexual partners with their increased size when erect, as it’s a more noticeable transformation.
  • Showers may not have as dramatic of a size difference between flaccid and erect states, so their partners might have a better idea of their erect size from the beginning.


  • Growers might experience less discomfort or awkwardness in everyday situations due to their smaller flaccid size.
  • Showers might experience more pronounced bulges or appearances in certain clothing, potentially leading to feelings of self-consciousness.

Body Temperature and Blood Flow

  • Growers’ penises might shrink in cold temperatures due to reduced blood flow, but this change isn’t necessarily indicative of their erect size.
  • Showers’ penises might maintain a larger size in cold temperatures due to better blood flow, but again, this doesn’t necessarily reflect their erect size.

Perception of Size

  • Growers might be concerned about their size when flaccid, but they often experience a significant increase in size when erect, which can boost their confidence.
  • Showers might be more comfortable with their size when flaccid, but they may not experience as much of a visual “wow factor” when they become erect.

Key Takeaways

  • The penis has two main features. The body, or shaft, connects the penis to the abdomen. At the opposite end of the shaft is the glans, or head.
  • Sometimes men who carry a little extra weight around the belly can have part of their [flaccid] penis hidden, so it may look like a smaller penis, but when they have an erection, the real length and girth is visible.
  • Grower:penis grows much longer when going from being flaccid to being erect.
  • Shower:penis doesn’t show any major change when going from flaccid to erect.
  • Flaccid.This is the default state of the penis when you’re not sexually aroused. The penis is soft and hanging loosely from your groin area.
  • Stretched.This occurs when the penis isn’t erect or even sexually aroused, but is elongated from its normal state. This can happen to your penis whether you’re a shower or a grower.
  • Erect.This happens when the penis tissues fill up with blood when you get sexually aroused. The penis stays this way until you ejaculate or until you’re no longer aroused.