5 Difference Between Angular 2 And Angular


There are three major releases of Angular. The first version that was released is Angular 1, which is also referred to as Angular JS. Angular 1 was followed by Angular 2, which came with a lot of improvements when compared to Angular 1.

Angular 2 is an open source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript. Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of its original Angular 1 or Angular JS. Angular 2 offers better performance to web developers since it is build around the concept of the components. Some important features of Angular 2 include:

  • Supports Hierarchical Dependency Injection.
  • Web components based architecture.
  • Equally useful framework for web, mobile and desktop apps.
  • Modern, faster and highly scalable framework.

Angular 4 is an improvement on Angular 2, but a total rewrite of Angular JS. It has a completely different architecture. The features that set Angular 4 apart from earlier Angular versions include:

  • Tyescript 2.1+ compatibility
  • Support for email validator
  • Adds search parameters to an HTTP request
  • A new View Engine that produces less code in Ahead of Time (AoT) mode.
  • Animation Package
  • New System JS plugin
  • Router (Paramap)

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Angular 2 Vs. Angular 4 In Tabular Form

Code Generated Angular 4 has reduced the bundle file size by 60% and thus code generated is reduced, this helps to speed up the performance of the application. Angular 2 has a larger file size and therefore the code generated is bigger.
Animation Feature Animation features are pulled out of @angular/code and included into their package.   There is no animation feature offers in Angular 2.
Compatibility With Applications Angular 4 is backward compatible with Angular 2 for most applications.   Angular 2 is not backward compatible with Angular JS.
Disapproval Phases In Angular 4, there will be proper disapproval phases to allow developer to adjust their code.   In Angular 2, there is no specific proper disapproval phases to adjust codes.  

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